Redbook Magazine Snack it's Way Skinny with Pure Bar |

Redbook Magazine Snack it’s Way Skinny with Pure Bar

Snack Yourself Skinny
We’ll tell you exactly what – and when- to eat so you shrink your appetite, stoke your metabolism, and lose weight, easy.

Go for Protein Plus Fiber: Snacks that include some lean protein or healthy frats (like hummus or nuts) and some fiber (like baby carrots or wholegrain crackers) are ideal. Protein and fat trigger the release of hormones in the guy that keep you feeling satisfied for hours after you’ve stopped noshing. Protein also puts the brakes on the body’s insulin pump – and high levels of insulin can lead to more tummy fat, not less. As for fiber, it slows digestion, also key for feeling full. Many high-fiber carbs, like fresh fruit, veggies, and oatmeal, are water-rich, which means you get to eat a bigger serving for fewer calories than you would if you chose junky barbs like cookies and chips. Those things are pretty much devoid of fiber, and they cram lots of calories into tiny, nutrient-scant portions. Smart combos you can put into your snack rotation right now are Pure Bars.

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Source: Redbook Magazine

Posted on: June 28, 2012