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U.S. hurdler Lashinda Demus has the most adorable cheerleaders

As Lashinda Demus won her 400m hurdles semifinal on Monday, she was cheered on by two of the most adorable spectators at the Olympic Stadium. Demus’ twin sons, whom she has nicknamed the twindigs, cheered loudly, “GO MOMMY! GO MOMMY!” as she made her way around the track.

Before the race, NBC aired a segment where Demus spoke candidly about how she dealt with depression after the birth of her sons. Like many working mothers, she struggled with balancing her career and family.

“I was blaming the problems in my career on being pregnant, and then mad at myself for the blame. And of course my body was different. Whose body would be the same after holding two little things in it?”

But it was her sons who inspired her to train again. She set an American record last year, and made up for past Olympic disappointments by earning a spot in Tuesday’s finals.

And it’s even more special because Duaine and Dohntay were in the stands. Can you imagine what the two 5-year-olds will tell their friends when they go to school this fall?

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Source: sfgate.com

Posted on: August 8, 2012