The Ski Channel: S&Co Empowers Women Through Sports |

The Ski Channel: S&Co Empowers Women Through Sports

Sure, there are countless media outlets where you can read about and discuss sports, among other “manly” topics; but what about a program tailored specifically for female athletes?

Stanton & Company is proud to announce their participation with espnW and the U.S. Department of State Global Sports Mentoring Program. This unbeatable team has created a dynamic program, part of the State Department’s broader Empowering Women Through Sports initiative, that helps motivate emerging female athletes worldwide to be successful leaders with the inspiration of prominent American women in sports related fields. They give female athletes helpful insight and experience to affect their community through their skills.

Stanton & Company is a full-service sports and lifestyle marketing and public relations agency, run by theirstrategic marketing tactics just as much as their strong philosophy and belief system. They were selected by espnW to participate in this highly esteemed program.

‘The areas of women in sports and mentorship are two things we’re passionate about at Stanton & Company,” stated Amy Stanton, founder and CEO. ‘’We’re excited and honored to share our experiences and gain a unique global perspective through this amazing program.”

espnW was founded in July 2010 with the support of Nike, Gatorade and P&G (Venus and Secret), along with a strong social media presence on Twitter and Facebook. espnW’s mission is to connect female fans with the sports they love and follow. They do this by providing an engaging environment where women are an integral part in sharing their perspective on men’s and women’s sports, and find the motivation and support for their athletic goals and interests. espnW has been making a positive difference in the women’s sports world, and will now further spread their message with the help of Stanton & Company.

‘’We are thrilled to have Stanton & Company participate in this groundbreaking program,” says Laura Gentile, Vice President of espnW. “Given their extensive experience in sports marketing and their unique focus on women’s sports and female athletes, they are an ideal partner.”

Through the Global Sports Mentoring Program, Stanton & Company plan on hosting an international participant from Cairo, Egypt, giving her a unique opportunity to develop and strengthen her skills while gaining experience in the U.S. sports arena. The agency has developed a program structure that will foster a hands-on learning experience, guided by Amy Stanton and other senior-level executives. The goal is to provide the athlete with further insight so she will be able to further influence those in her home country.

The program will kick off September 5th, 2012, in Washington, D.C., and will conclude with a debriefing and evaluation by all participants at the end of September. This program, fueled by the partnership of these three premier companies, is bound to inspire many and get more women out on the court, mountain, and in the water; it’s all about love for the sport and female empowerment. Let’s go girls!


Posted on: August 27, 2012
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