DINA’S DAILY DIARY: WOMEN TALK SPORTS by Dina Louis | stanton-company.com


A few days ago I had this very interesting meeting with Jane Schonberger who is the co-founder of “Women Talk Sports” and also the Managing Partner for “ Pretty Tough” Pretty Tough was established as a voice for all the girls who kick butt on and off the field, the track. It introduces and highlights that beauty and strength are not mutually exclusive!
Pretty Tough just provides a variety of products and services for young women, their families and coaches – products that inspire them to achieve their goals, whatever they may be.

This meeting acted as an eye-opener for me, because this has been as issue for me while growing up as an athlete, but I never actually gave it much thought. I saw girls athletes around me being held back by either parents or coaches when they just start acting as girls. Some people around them just stop believing that they are actually serious about their sports!
I haven’t personally experienced that because I was blessed I have parents ( Mom, Dad and a younger sister) who really believed in me! And now I also have an amazing husband who appreciates me for who I am and also believes in me.

I am so eager to go back home and tackle this issue!

Posted on: September 18, 2012