DINA’S DAILY DIARY: WISE by Dina Louis | stanton-company.com


Its been amazing going and meeting those amazing women all over the country, yesterday was a one of a kind! There was the WISE ( Women in Sports and Events) Advisory board event. Its where these amazing successful women meet with other athletes and women in sports businesses and they share success stories, challenges and solutions from their points of views.
The panel consisted of Amy Stanton, Karen Brodkin and Suzan Rosenbluth.
It was a great opportunity to get to listen to some great minds talking about work-life balance, challenges , commitment and success.
One of the organizers also was Allison Howard who is the VP for WISE and also handles all partnerships for The LA Lakers. At the end of the evening I was awarded an honorary membership to the WISE. Which was a great surprise and great honor to me! J

Oh and yea, the day after I had a walk down Hollywood Boulevard! I’ve been all over LA now !


Posted on: September 25, 2012