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Oxygen Gets off the Couch with Holly Perkins

Shortcut to Slim!

Think exercise is complicated? This do-anywhere plan will change your mind (and body)!

If you are looking to shed fat and tone up in minimal time, look no further than this no-gear-needed circuit. “These six movements will provide an awesome, full-body workout that also inspires cardiovascular fitness, thereby improving over-all calorie expenditure,” explains Holly Perkins, CSCS, New Balance fitness ambassador and creator of this exclusive routine.

Before starting, conduct a five- to 10-minute warm-up using sport-specific movements such as running on the spot, doing jumping jacks and air (body-weight) squats. “The purpose of a warm-up is to prepare your muscles to generate force, produce energy and contract full potential,” explains Perkins. “Workout prep also helps minimize the risk of injury.”

You’ll do three round of this circuit, going from one more to the next without rest. When you reach the end, start right back up with your first exercise, with little to no rest in between circuits. The reps for each round are indicated with each exercise; your last exercise and final circuit are both times, so be sure to have a clock or stopwatch handy!

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Source: Oxygen Off the Couch

Posted on: October 1, 2012