DINA’S DAILY DIARY: LOVE THE EXPERIENCE! by Dina Louis | stanton-company.com


So, that would be my last blog at Stanton and Company, it’s a sad/excited day, I’m sad it went by so fast and would have really loved to stay more, but excited to go ahead with my next step and also getting close to seeing my husband, my sister and my parents.
I’ll be leaving tomorrow morning to Washington DC for the final part of the program where we’ll get to share our experiences and discuss our action plans. It has been an amazing three weeks here with Stanton.
The team was just amazing. I haven’t written about this part before but I went to Yoga last night with Amy and dinner! Also my very first Yoga experience! It was just great. Oh, I don’t know how I forget to write about that before, but I’m driving in LA. Stanton has rented me a car and I’m really driving in here and its crazy! But enjoying.

I’ve learnt so much during these 3 weeks about so many different things, I got to know about the American sports structure and how it works, about the sponsorships and its importance. I had meetings with the best people on sponsorships and sports deals. And I realized how networking is just vital and it’s not something you do on the side.
I also got to know a lot about Marketing and how to best represent Athletes. I got to know about having a values based sports entity and that the two most important things in sustaining a successful values based sports entity is effort and attitude.
I got to know so many things that I’ll need time to digest and find a way of how I am going to apply that in my organization back home.
I love how S&CO team works in harmony and they are a real team. I really like how they all love what they are doing and do have passion for it.
Every single member of the S&CO team has welcomed me in a way, so thank you all so very much for letting me feel welcomed and supported.


Posted on: October 8, 2012