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Big Book of Yoga

The Big Book of Yoga arrived by FedEx today and just as I needed it. Authored by the beautiful (inside and out) Kathryn Budig, a full-time yoga instructor and very wise woman.
The first chapter, Ready, Set, Om begins “If you picked up this book, you’re probably one of three types of people: either you’re curious about yoga, you want to deepen your practice, or you’re just a sucker for pretty pictures.”
Tick, tick and tick!

There are beautifully photographed guides to poses and sequences by genuine, actual yoga instructors (not bored-looking models!) Here’s what I’m loving…
Rejuvenating, uninterrupted sleep with the soothing P.M Yoga workout on p. 170.
Tight or sore from running or cross-training? Ease your muscles with the restorative poses on p. 155.

Kathryn Budig moved to LA at 21 initially to get into acting. As a lean, fit yogi she was told to lose 10kg to get any lead actress roles or be resigned to “the best friend”. Racked with self-doubt she found that where she really felt peaceful and assured she was beautiful just as she was, was when practicing yoga.
Lately, I’ve been told I look great, which is a double-edged sword because actually I wasn’t well and lost 5kg and I know I need it back on (at least) to function at my best! So, perhaps it’s time we all stopped listening to other people and whether on the mat, or in a crowd, learn to be yogis from the inside-out.

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Posted on: October 12, 2012