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DiGiulian Dominates the 2012 PanAmerican Championships

North American athletes dominated over the weekend at the 2012 PanAmerican Championships.

Sasha DiGiulian returned home toting three gold medals, in lead, bouldering and the women’s overall divisions.

“I couldn’t have asked for better results,” she told Rock and Ice. “I was really happy to make my comeback, especially following an injury. Now I am back to class!”

Francesca Metcalf, 19, took second to DiGiulian in the bouldering final.

After a gold medal win in the men’s lead climbing, Sean McColl, 25, returned to Canada with two silver medals, for bouldering and the overall competitions.

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Photo of Sasha DiGiulian, Sean McColl and Francesca Metcalf courtesy of Sasha DiGiulian.





  1. Manuel Escobar (VEN)
  2. Sean McColl (CAN)
  3. Mauricio Huerta (MEX)


  1. Sasha DiGiulian (USA)
  2. Francesca Metcalf (USA)
  3. Francis Guillen (VEN)




  1. Sean McColl (CAN)
  2. Reinaldo Camacho (VEN)
  3. Manuel Escobar (VEN)


  1. Sasha DiGiulian (USA)
  2. Francis Rodriguez (VEN)
  3. Francis Guillen (VEN)

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Source: rockandice.com


Posted on: November 12, 2012