New Year New You with Promax Fitness Expert Joel Harper |

New Year New You with Promax Fitness Expert Joel Harper

The No-Diet Way to Lose Weight

New year, new you; but is there a way to lose the holiday weight without the pain of dieting?

Promax Fitness Ambassador JoelHarper says these simple strategies are easy to incorporate into your routine, and will help you lose the pounds without having to feel hungry or deprived.

  • DAILY EXERCISE: “Never go a day without working out for a minimum of 15 minutes,” says Harper. Do exercises that work multiple body parts at once and burn calories quickly. If you’re in a pinch, push-ups, squats and stairs can give you an intense workout in a short amount of time.
  • EAT BREAKFAST: “It kick starts the metabolism and will keep your energy level up,” says Harper. Stay away from sugar and high fat, and instead gravitate towards protein-rich egg whites or quinoa, that also have healthy fats to keep you feeling full.
  • PORTION CONTROL: ”When serving yourself, make sure all your food items don’t touch each other on your plate,” advises Harper. Remember that the average serving size for meal basics like rice or chicken is the palm of your hand.
  • MULTITASK: When you have a list of errands to get done, figure out how to exercise at the same time. “Ride your bike or run between errands, and bring a friend to make it fun,” suggests Harper.
  • WATER: You don’t have to give up alcohol to lose weight. “If drinking alcohol, always have a 10 oz glass of water between each beverage,” instructs Harper.
  • SNACKING: Plan ahead and pack your own snacks, so you don’t get stuck somewhere and make an unhealthy choice. “I always have a piece of fruit and protein bar in my backpack – my favorite is the PROMAX LS,” shares Harper.
  • STRETCH: Everyone has tension, but getting rid of yours can help you lose weight by lowering cortisol levels. “If you have food in your teeth you would floss it right out, do the same with tightness you feel in your body by taking the time to stretch,” says Harper.
  • SILENCE: Positivity goes a long way to keeping you optimistic and on track, since people who feel defeated are more prone to falling off weight loss plans. “Close your eyes every day and repeat this to yourself. ‘I have an abundance of energy and am bringing JOY into every person that I come into contact with,’” says Harper. And mean it!
  • NO WORRIES: If you don’t get your workout in, or if you eat something unhealthy, don’t beat yourself up – a sense of failure can negatively trickle into other categories. “Counteract it with doing something positive for yourself instead,” says Harper

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Source: Heaven Salon

Posted on: January 17, 2013