Delicious Snacking with Promax |

Delicious Snacking with Promax

Seriously, with my bar obsession and habit of trying new things, you’d think I’be out of new bars to try!


I’d never had a ProMax bar before, but I jumped at the opportunity to try their new Promax LS Bars when I heard that they’re new lower sugar bars made the all-natural way: by using a mix ofstevia and sugar!

There are four flavors of Promax LS Bars – Chocolate Fudge, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Mocha Latte, and Peanut Butter Cookie Dough. I tried the two original flavors – Chocolate Fudge and Peanut Butter Chocolate.

Each bar is pretty standard in that they have 220 protein-packed calories each. But they definitely are a solid protein source, with 18grams of protein (whey) making them a great choice for the more active among us, too! There are also 11-14 grams of fiber per bar and that comes with only 9g of sugar. While that’s not the lowest sugar bar out there, it’s pretty great considering that they don’t have sucralose or maltitol or anything like that, like lower sugar bars often do.And they have no HFCS. When you compare those 9g of sugar to the 15-21 grams of sugar in many leading regular protein and energy bars, it really makes a difference.

But enough about the nutritionals of these bars. It’s great that they’re good for you, but that won’t help much if they don’t taste good.

Luckily, they do!

The bars of a good size – they’re not super wide, but they are quite a bit longer than most energy bars. It’s definitely a good size for a snack

As far as texture goes, you won’t mistake these bars for a candy bar. The outside is the same sort of melty candy-bar chocolate that you’d get with a Snicker’s bar or the like, but the inside is an unusual (not in a bad way) texture. It’s definitely not a grainy type of bar, it’s more like a more substantial fudge kind of texture, if that makes any sense.

The chocolate flavor is great, though, as is the chocolate peanut butter.

You can taste the whey protein a little bit but it’s not chalky and there’s no weird after-taste from the stevia. Some people don’t like stevia products because there’s often a bitter aftertaste associated with them, but these bars avoided that issue by mixing stevia and sugar for a great tasting natural sweetener blend.

And the peanut butter is really cool because it has a peanut butter core surrounded by chocolate and wrapped in a peanut butter coating.

Yum! Both varieties that I tasted are really quite delicious. I would eat them again, they get a thumbs up!

For more information on Promax, please click here.

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Posted on: January 30, 2013
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