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Editor’s Pick: Oakley

Ever since I decided I want to be just like Shaun White (he won his sixth X-games gold medal last night) I deck myself out in Oakley from head-to-toe before heading out to snowboard down the highest mountain top Aspen has to offer. Minus the red hair, White and I are practically twins at this point. But the reason I bring up my snow bunny uniform is that it’s warm as heck-from the base layer to the outermost down jacket. And I’ve decided my new sporty look isn’t just for boarding. So if you see someone walking around SoHo in boarding pants that’d be me; I’ve gotten way to comfortable in my mountain gear and I’m not leaving the house without it until it’s officially Spring ’13.-RAY SIEGEL

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Source: www.nylonmag.com

Posted on: February 15, 2013
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