Moving Forwards after a Defeat |

Moving Forwards after a Defeat

Leading up to this weekend, I was the reigning undefeated National Champion. I had not fallen. Then, it happened. I stumbled. I messed up in finals at the competition. But this was one event, one off competition, and I am still here to push forwards.

How do we move forwards knowing that we make mistakes and our mistakes do not define us?

In my opinion, we just have to believe. Not in some metaphysical power (though I have nothing against that, either), but in ourselves.

For me, I have to know that I can move forwards and be stronger than before. I have to know that within me, I have the potential to perform at a higher level than my past performance.

Perfection is a perpetual goal. Never will we arrive at a point that defines perfection because there will always be something greater to achieve, and some new limit to overcome.

Though, I want to strive for this unattainable aspiration because I want to be the best all around human being that I am capable of embodying. And, I want to attain this status through a multitude of facets of my life including through climbing, academics, and social aspects. What I have to realize is that in this journey, I will fail. In my career, I will have a range of big failures to relatively irrelevant hiccups.

In September, I failed myself through an injury that rendered me incapable of climbing. I overcame this and I won the panAmerican Championships and climbed outside. Now, I failed in Colorado at Nationals. I fell short of my performance ability. I was nervous and I failed to channel these nerves in a positive direction. I felt inhibited and weighted down by pressure when really I could have felt boosted by an air of confidence.

So I fall.

And this feels devastating and it hurts. But I am getting back up again and I am ready to work harder, to see the next challenge, and to confront this next feat with confidence and assertive power. Everyone has the potential to overcome momentary failure. And in the wake of falling, the strongest will stand taller. I want to be my strongest. So I plan to keep reaching higher.

Congrats to Charlotte Durif of France on the Win. Impressive Performance :)

Now, Off to training.

… And Class!

Xx S

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Posted on: April 9, 2013