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The No-Sweat Zone with Women’s Health

Wanna weigh less at the end of each week? This lunchtime workout burns calories like crazy…and won’t leave you red-faced and dripping wet.

For many women, a “lunch break” consists of scarfing down bites of a salad in between meetings, e-mails, or projects. Squeezing in a midday workout- and then showering, redoing, your makeup, and blowing out your hair…all in an hour or less? Yeah, not happening. Unless you rethink what qualifies as a workout.

Truth is, exercise doesn’t have to be synonymous with a long, high-octane session that leaves you sopped with sweat and exhausted, says Holly Perkins, a certified strength and conditioning specialist in Los Angeles.

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Source: Women’s Health

Posted on: May 16, 2013