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5 Tips to Stay Fit as a Working Mom

This coming Monday, chaos begins in my house. 2 of my 4 girls start school, which leaves me behind with a 10-month-old baby  and a 2 and 3 year-old. My house will suddenly become very quiet during the day but the craziness of back-to-school, early mornings, lunch packing and the fun of the car pool lane will all begin.

One of the things we tend to forget as we get busy with the school year is to take time for ourselves, especially if you are a working Mom. I work from home and it’s one of the hardest challenges I face. Thankfully, I have a nanny aka, the best sister ever, who helps me during the day so I am able to work. But crazy schedules with soccer practice and board meetings, the one thing that suffers is my workout scheduleI simply don’t have time for it all.

I was super-excited to chat with health and wellness expert Jennifer Cohen (she’ll motivate you!) about how to workout at the office and while playing with Grayson and the rest of my kids. While I did share some tips on how to burn calories while working out with your baby, I wanted to find ways to exercise even when I don’t have time for a walk and well, just stay fit as a juggling working Mom multi-tasking my life away!

Make Time To Eat

Don’t forget to eat. Skipping meals can put you into starvation mode, actually causing you to gain weight instead of losing it. When I am running around or don’t have time to have a lunch break, I always make sure to have a KIND baron hand that is packed with nutrients. Jennifer suggests Evolve’s protein shakes to throw in your bag and go so nutritional needs for the day, even on the go. It even has Tonalin in it, a natural ingredient found to reduce body fat (though if you’re pregnant or breast feeding ask your doctor first.) It’s a great energy boost.


Posted on: August 28, 2013