A WOMAN’S BEST CO-WORKER by Devon Wyatt | stanton-company.com


Everyone is familiar with the old adage, a dog is a man’s best friend, but what about a woman’s best co-worker? Here at Stanton & Company, we have 5 office dogs that we’d like to introduce you to who frequent the office whenever possible:

  •  – Bernard, Amy’s rescue
  •  – Fancie Mae, Denege’s Yorkipoo
  •  – Lucy, Kara’s man’s pug
  •  – Pearl, Devon’s French Bulldog
  •  – Sonny, Keren’s roommate’s dog

Not only is it a huge perk to bring our furry friends to work, but it also improves the overall quality of our work. According to a Virginia Commonwealth University Study, employees who bring their dogs to work produced lower levels of the stress-causing hormone cortisol. That’s already a bonus. Less cortisol equals less belly fat. Does that mean bringing my dog to work will make me skinnier? I’m already sold.

Furthermore, a study in the March 2012 issue of the International Journal of Workplace Health Management found that dogs buffer the negative impacts of stress and make the job more satisfying for employees as well as more enjoyable for those with whom they come into contact. Dreading that demanding client’s visit (of course all of our clients are a delight) or the 3 hour long management meeting that makes going into work on Monday even more daunting? Take your pup with you and your attitude will greatly improve. And yes, we all need an attitude adjustment every once in a while. Why not let your dog do it for you? Did I forget to mention the affect it will have on that surly boss who orders you around constantly (we clearly don’t know what that’s like)? A few pets on your pup’s back and the tension will immediately subside.

What about the actual benefits for your dog? Dogs who go to work with their owners are more social and less likely to develop separation anxiety or act aggressively towards other dogs. Dogs are pack creatures and thrive when they are around other dogs or humans. Nothing would make your pooch happier than to spend the day by your side. And since a happy dog equals a happy owner, this arrangement results in a more productive workforce with higher morale. A recent survey of 50 companies that welcome pets found:

  •  1. Lower stress levels
  •  2. Less absenteeism
  •  3. Boost in employee morale and productivity
  •  4. Increased willingness to work overtime

What employer wouldn’t love to have a more highly engaged workforce? This is something even Gallup cannot quantify and big business has already figured out. This arrangement certainly isn’t limited to boutique firms and agencies. Amazon, Purina, Cliff Bar and Google, to name a few, are cited as being some of the most pet-friendly companies in the nation. And it makes sense. Given the long hours that employees are putting in, the office becomes a home away from home. It’s almost a necessity to allow pets to cohabitate the office and it has become a part of the culture for many corporations.

So, despite the occasional accident, loud barking and clump of fur, we at Stanton & Company wholeheartedly embrace having our pets as our co-workers. They brighten our day, make us smile, and have our clients cooing and caaing in no time. We invite to you stop by the office on any day of week to see why.



Posted on: November 1, 2013