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7 Reasons I wish I was Kathryn Budig

Kathryn Budig is awesome.

She’s like the Oprah Winfrey of the yoga world: everybody knows her, you feel like she could be your BFF, and she’s so perfectly imperfect she hardly seems real. Compound that with the fact that she’s a freakishly talented yogi and where does that leave the rest of us? I’ve tried to embody the awesomeness that is KB, but failed miserably. Let’s review…

She has a cute little dog: I love my dog but she’s almost completely void of all personality and defining traits, so I’m pretty sure she’s unfit for the job. However, there’s a pretty sweet garden toad that hangs out on my porch and I’ve adopted him as my pet and confidante.

She is the face of Under Armor: Psh, overrated. At 18-months-old I was in a JC Penny catalog. So yeah, kind of a big deal.

3.) She’s just so effortlessly boho-chic! I’ve yet to nail this one. If I wear anything by Free People I look like a hobo. Is homeless-chic a thing, because I am totally rocking it!

4.) Aim True. Her message is basically telling me that I am unusually wonderful and thus can do whatever the f*ck I want and I definitely want to get on board with that. Unfortunately, the last time I aimed at something, it didn’t end well.

Full time yogi, part-time skydiver: I like to think I have a healthy fear of heights and an even healthier fear of plummeting to my death. I love adventures too, but you know, at a distance.

Even her mistakes are flawless: I did a workshop with her in which she fell out of a handstand and caught herself in scorpion. I mean, what kind of nonsense is that? My handstands mostly look like lazy cartwheels. What can I say? It’s great to be me and hard to be humble.

Ah, those famous ToeSox Ads: ToeSox hasn’t come calling yet, but there are some very promising opportunities on Craigslist that offer “tasteful nudes.” Seems legit.

KB, tell me how you do it! I promise I can keep a secret… (okay, no I can’t).

Source: Yoganonymous

Posted on: December 19, 2013