Inside S&Co: #MyFirstTwoWeeks |

Inside S&Co: #MyFirstTwoWeeks

By: Amanda Martinez

I first walked through the doors at Stanton & Company nearly one year ago. Still in grad school at USC at the time, Amy agreed to meet with me as a favor to one of her colleagues—and my mentor–Alan Abrahamson.

Sitting on the plush white couches, I scanned the walls in awe of the oversize artwork featuring the company’s sports stars sprinkled around the office. With no cubicle in sight, the employees set up shop in modern, open offices. It was a progressive, hip and savvy office—everything I would later learn the company represents as well.

Little did I know, that meeting would launch the beginning of a long working relationship with S&Co. Initially brought on to help with various aspects in the digital space, I joined full-time as the company’s social media/editorial coordinator two weeks ago.

While my Master’s degree may be in online journalism, I consider myself a storyteller first, with a special affinity for creating narratives in the digital space. Thanks to S&Co’s PR girls, they’ve immersed me in all things public relations (read: been incredibly patient as I learn the ropes). As it turns out, PR is so much more than attending swanky events or crisis management when an athlete finds themselves amidst a texting scandal. When you’re sitting with the team in the office long after business hours, fine-tuning a proposal deck (see? I’m learning the lingo), you quickly understand the method behind the madness. It truly takes a village to execute creative and engaging content.

Now, as I bring my skillset to the table, we’ll expand our expertise to the world of social media. Already we’ve brainstormed exciting ways to stay social with our clients, as well as all our friends, fans and followers. Find us on Facebook, chat with us on Twitter and join us on our newest platform, Instagram. We’ll be posting exciting, exclusive content about our athletes, brands and the sports and lifestyle industries. And, who knows, we may just surprise you with an office #selfie every now and then!

Posted on: April 11, 2014