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S&Co’s Draft Day (Walk Up) Picks

All of us at the S&Co office tend to get pretty excited when Draft Day rolls around (I mean, how is it not a national holiday already, am I right?). But we really flipped out when we found out the 2014 NFL Draft would feature walk up songs for the first time ever. Now, draftees get to choose which songs will play when they walk up to the podium. That got us thinking…what songs would we choose as our walk up anthems?

Read below to find out our picks and the reason behind them:

Amanda–Beyonce “Flawless”: “Powerhouse song for a powerhouse moment.”

Leah–Aloe Blacc “I’m the Man”: “It’s just an empowering song. If I were a man and an NFL player, that’s what I would walk to.”

Denege–AC/DC “Thunderstruck”: “Because every time I think of it it makes me think of football. And Jager bombs at LSU. It’s our anthem”

Tatum–Notorious B.I.G. “Hypnotize”: “It’s one of those classic songs that everyone knows and loves. I just can’t help but get up and dance when this song comes on.”

 Kara–Big & Rich “Comin’ To Your City”: “I’m from Nashville and it’s tied to football season. Enough said.”

We’ve made our picks. What’s yours?


Posted on: May 8, 2014