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What’s the Best Advice Mom Ever Gave You?

Kathryn Budig – “Never to take anything personally. I use that daily.”

Liz Arch – “The best advice my mom gave me was to appreciate every moment as if it were your last. She worked as a funeral director and grief counselor for over 20 years and helped people through some of their darkest moments. Through death, she taught me how to truly celebrate life.”

Sunny Dallafior – “My mom is truly wonderful, and I’m so blessed to have her.”

Sasha DiGiulian – “My mom told me to go after my passions and to not limit myself to just one. She also emphasizes the importance of being educated and thoughtful, as well as active.”

Leah Soloff – “My mom’s best advice to me is: Always do the right thing, even if it feels wrong in the moment. Don’t conform to anyone else, it’s those that stand on their own that always make a difference.”

Jill Willard – “To not pick the first picture frame, just because it’s at the front of the rack.”

Denege Prudhomme – “Every single day that I talk to my Mom, she ends our conversations with the same sentence. It’s been that way since I’ve moved away for college at 18. ‘Say your prayers, go to Church, put God first and never forget who you are and where you came from.”

Rachel Epstein – “Don’t hold out for absolute certainty; it doesn’t exist.”

Laura Gentile – “Her quote was that ‘No one is indispensible (on the job).’ Which means don’ take yourself too seriously, keep your life in balance and make sure you’re focused on what’s most important – your family. “

Posted on: May 29, 2014