SLIDESHOW: 12 Athlete Prom Pics |

SLIDESHOW: 12 Athlete Prom Pics

Blasts from the Past

Ah, prom. The hair, the dress, the awkward poses! And of course, the omnipresent cameras to capture it all. As prom season enters the rearview, we asked some athletes to share their prom pics and the stories behind them.

Steph Davis, Pro Rock Climber

“White heels + grass = never a good idea …”

Nage Melamed, Pro Surfer

“This was my first and last prom since I homeschooled from seventh grade onward, because of my surfing career. I third-wheeled with one of best friends from elementary school. I was probably thinking that I wish I had a boy ask me — but that it probably wouldn’t happen until my next lifetime.”

Hilary Knight, U.S. Women’s Hockey Forward

“This is from our sixth form formal. At my high school we didn’t have prom, but we did have formal dances.”


Posted on: June 6, 2014