Links We Love: World Cup Roundup |

Links We Love: World Cup Roundup

As the World Cup kicks off Thursday, people all over the globe will tune in to the big stage. And while futbol may be the world’s sport, it’s certainly not always America’s. To get you up to speed with the most dedicated fans, we’ve put together a perfect roundup to get you cheering in no time!

1. Beats by Dre Dropped a Gamechanger: Watch the Incredible World Cup Ad, “The Game Before the Game” 

2. World Cup for Dummies: The 15 Stars You Should Know and Their American Equivalents

3.  #RiskEverything: Nike Launches Epic Animated World Cup Film, “The Last Game”

4. If sports aren’t quite your thing, here’s another reason to tune in: 12 Soccer Players to Watch Who Are Reason Enough to Watch the World Cup

5. Stay social: 10 World Cup Players You Should Follow On Instagram

Posted on: June 12, 2014