Nouráge Provides Hair Loss Solution to Women Exclusive Keratin Treatment Helps Regrow Hair at the Roots |

Nouráge Provides Hair Loss Solution to Women Exclusive Keratin Treatment Helps Regrow Hair at the Roots

Over the last century women have been trying everything to fight thinning hair, stress loss, or other hair issues. Nouráge, a nutraceutical, provides a solution to the angst of these hair issues.

Formulated in the Swiss Alps, Nouráge provides the body with essential proteins and vitamins to help grow a thicker, healthier head of hair. The formula invigorates hair and stimulates growth, which can make anyone with hair loss issues feel good about themselves.

Keratin, Nouráge’s active ingredient, is an insoluble protein that forms at the root of hair and fingernails. In the preparation of the Nouráge formulation, a special process is used to enhance the solubility and bio-assimilation of Keratin. Just as our bones become more brittle without adequate calcium supplementation in our diets, our hair becomes weaker and thinner without keratin supplementation to the hair follicles. Nouráge works from the inside out – targeting the follicle at the root with protein in order to stimulate growth.

Beautiful hair has been a priority for women for centuries; queens and women of stature including Cleopatra, were known for their unique hair treatments. Today, all women place great importance on healthy looking and feeling hair. Kyle Richards, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, has been using Nouráge for years.

“I started to lose my hair after my second daughter was born. Imagine being known for beautiful, long, flowing hair and having it start to fall out. A family friend’s mom recommended Nouráge and I have been taking it ever since. It not only reversed my hair loss issues but Nouráge has made my hair thicker and shinier as well,” says Kyle.

Nouráge provides women with hair loss issues, like Kyle Richards, the ability to grow rich, shiny, more lustrous locks. Nouráge is available through select dermatological clinics or online at for $59.99. Please visit Nourá for more information.


Posted on: July 10, 2014