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16 Ways To Relieve Yourself From Stress and Anxiety

Growing up isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. I am a young women working away at becoming a better me each and every single day. Part of the process is learning how to deal with stress and overcoming my anxieties. It’s been an emotional and physical battle and I refuse to loose from letting my mind takeover with fears. Some days are harder than others, but I’ve been practicing meditation, eating healthier and about to begin a new exercises regiment. Working here at WorldLifestyle has landed me the benefits of cultivating relationships with experts in the wellness space. It’s really encouraging and motiving connecting with such wonderful people trying to better themselves and influence other people. I asked them the questions of how they overcome feelings of stress and anxiety and got an encouraging amount of replies that I hope you find extremely helpful. I will definitely be using these tips on my journey to self-love.

Whenever I’m stressed or anxious, it’s usually because of the things I’m not doing-and should be. The best tool for me to power through those moments and move forward is to get it out of my head. If I feel stressed or overwhelmed, I sit down with my notebook or a piece of paper and write free-form for an entire page. I fill it up with everything from things I need to get done, worries I have, or whatever is on my mind, unedited. After, I flip the page and write down three things to do that day that will help me move forward or work towards a goal. Don’t be tempted to write more than three! With such a short list to focus on, you are more likely to accomplish everything and that momentum will carry you out of your funk. The ironic thing about worry and stress is usually it results from thinking too much about stuff that hasn’t even happened. Writing it out helps get distracting (and sometimes destructive) thoughts out of your head and makes space for focused action so you can get things done. ” Courtney Prather – Host of the Bootcamp series 30 Day Butt Lift on the BeFit Channel!

“I take a 5 minute mental break to clear my head, (play with my dogs, grab a snack or glass of water, etc.), I write a priority list of what needs to be done so I can visualize how many tasks I have and then get to work knocking them out. When I cross the last one off, I know I haven’t missed anything and I can go back to enjoying my day. Cooking, Scrapbooking, little craft projects or a girls night with my friends always help me decompress when I just feel overwhelmed too!” Krystal Keith – Country singer and songwriter

“For me, yoga, even just a couple of sun salutations, meditation or when I am short on time, simply just a few deep, cleansing breaths are all tools that I use to calm myself down, to find clarity and to keep moving forward through times of stress. So far, these incredibly simple tricks have never failed me.” Beth Manos Brickey – Yoga teacher, graphic designer/illustrator and real food recipe developer. Creator of Tasty Yummies.

“I always picture the end goal. How will I feel once I power through the situation? I usually pull out my journal and write how I’m feeling, topped off with a warm bath and candles :)” Tara Milhem – Author, yoga instructor, and RD in raining promoting self-love through food yoga and inspiration. Creator of the blog, Skinny by Tara

“During moments of stress and anxiety, no matter where I am, I try to get outside for a good walk, hike, or run. There are so many amazing state parks and trails in Nashville, and the beautiful ocean when I’m on the West coast. Taking the time to get outside and move about in nature always seems to help clear my head. It allows me to rejuvenate not only physically but mentally–to focus on keeping a positive state of mind through times of stress.” Sandra Lynn – Singer & songwriter

“I love this topic because it comes up so often with clients as well as friends. Feeling stressed and overwhelmed is something most people feel often. There is so much pressure to get it all done and to do it perfectly. For myself, I have several practices for relieving stress and anxiety, such as yoga, journaling, making my favorite hot tea with a little raw honey, and hugging on my little pug. But, truly the main thing that helps me is prayer. Because I just can’t do it alone.” Kara StoutBridal Nutrition and Wellness Coach

During moments of stress or anxiety (I just changed my diet, my business, and moved…so I’ve had my fair share of both this year!), I focus on my breathing. One of my favorite yoga instructors once said that “your breath is what connects your mind and your body” and that thought calms me.” Carrie Forrest – Author of the food and lifestyle blog, Carrie on Living

If I’m stressed, I usually do yoga and a relaxing meditation. Sometimes I run on the treadmill for a few miles but my favorite thing to do is put on some awesome music and DANCE cause dancing usually makes things better, it helps me release a lot of stress plus it’s so much fun it takes your mind off of how stressed you might be.” Keiara La Shae’s – Host of Burn to the Beat on the BeFit Channel.

“Whenever I am stressed, taking a quick 30 minute nap always seems to allow me to relax and wake up refreshed and ready to go. Also, taking some time to go do something that I enjoy helps me by taking my mind off of whatever is causing me the anxiety. Most importantly, I take time to reflect on the things that I’m grateful for in life. Too many times we forget to remember the positive and only dwell on the negative.” Winter Vinecki, Marathon Runner, Triathlete, Aerial Skier, Obstacle Course Racer and Founder of Team Winter

“I try to keep perspective: often stress or anxiety is really about the thought of losing something which may or may not really be that important. I remind myself that life goes on, and letting go is the way to find peace.” Steph Davis – Professional Climber, Base Jumper and Author

“During moments of stress, exercise makes me calm- whether it’s a short series of in-room ab exercises, or going on a run, I feel a lot better after moving. The one thing to pick me up during times of stress is to take a deep breath and to recognize that it’s all just momentary.”Sasha DiGiulian – #1 female ranked Climber in the world

“Power words: I Take a deep breath and use power words as a way to pump myself back up and change my attitude from a defeated mindset to an overcoming adversity “will it” mindset. I insert power words into my mantra: Dare to be (insert power word here). Enjoyment of life is found in perspective. It’s easy to get caught up in our lives and sometimes we just need a friendly reminder to reset our inner compass. Take a deep breath. Remember you are awesome.” Hilary Knight – 2x Olympic Silver Medalist, Women’s Ice Hockey

“When I get stressed out I always go jump in the ocean and go for a surf. All my stress washes away immediately and I don’t have a worry in the world when I’m out there. I also like to meditate and deep breathe if I can’t get in the ocean at that time. That always seems to help me out as well.”Nage Melamed – Professional Surfer

When I’m stressed or anxious, I tend to revert to shallow chest-breathing which actually exacerbates anxiety (not good), so the first thing I do during overwhelming moments is slow down and take deep, “belly” breaths. Belly breathing causes your diaphragm to nuzzle up against your vagus nerve, stimulating the release of serotonin and acetylcholine. These relaxation-inducing neurotransmitters calm the body and reverse the nasty inflammatory effects of stress. Plus, it only takes about 20 seconds of belly breathing to experience calming effects. Short and sweet. I love having this “tool” in my back pocket for on-the-go moments of stress (e.g., traffic jams, stressful work conversations, blog recipe disasters, etc), and it really does work. After only a few belly breaths, the veil of stress is lifted, and I can move forward productively rather than stumbling through my day in a flustered state. To find your belly breath, sit up straight, clasp your hands behind your lower back, and allow your abdomen to rise and fall as you breathe. “ Ashley Melillo – Blogger for Blissful Basil

Sip on a passionflower tea and meditate. Passionflower has mild sedative and tranquilizing effects that can calm nerves and reduce anxiety. It can be just as effective as anti-anxiety prescription meds, without any harm or addictive properties. At the same time, meditate on happy thoughts.

Most of the stress in our life is perceived stress-things we create in our head. Change the way you look at things. Shift your thinking. Find a new perspective. Always think in the positive.

Journaling is a great way to do this. It helps to get all that crap out of your head (and body) and onto paper. There are positives, learning’s and gratitude to be found in every situation, no matter how dark. Write those down. Think shiny, happy thoughts. They exist. And the more you focus on them. The more prevalent they become. Peggy K – Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Culinary Consultant

Source: World Lifestyle

Posted on: August 18, 2014
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