Becoming Intuitive and the Power of Trusting Your Gut |

Becoming Intuitive and the Power of Trusting Your Gut

Weird as it may sound considering our New Age leanings, not one of us freaks over at goop HQ had ever had a psychic reading. But since we’re on an unquenchable quest to experience every type of modality to help us heal, expand, and deepen our understanding of all life’s mysteries, when we heard tell of an exceptionally gifted L.A.-based intuitive, Jill Willard, we had to talk to her—and talk to her some more. Willard, who does not refer to herself as a psychic thanks to “woo woo” and negative connotations, sees things. And, as a medium, she also sees dead people. But the experience isn’t at all what you would expect: Willard thinks of herself as more of a guide or aid, whose function is to help people do this for themselves, by tapping into their own intuition, a state she believes we can all achieve. “We all have a knowing,” she explains. “It’s really just a question of whether we’re willing to acknowledge and honor what we know, and act on it in a positive way. Often, we let our fears get in the way, or we shut it down because we don’t want to believe there is another way, and we don’t want to listen. I have been there, too, trust me. I have completely ignored what I knew to be true because I didn’t like the truth—it wasn’t what I wanted.” Sound familiar? We were intrigued, and so we asked her a million questions. (Jill does readings over the phone or in person, but if you have more questions, hit us up @goop, and we’ll try to get answers.)

Click here to read Jill’s exceptional, incredibly insightful interview.

Posted on: October 20, 2014