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Jaime King arrives at the relaunch of Nourage's new formula to benefit Locks of Love

Is Nourage The Secret To Shiny, Healthy Hair?

Nourage, keratin infused supplements created in the Swiss Alps, promises “stronger, longer and shinier” hair. And liken to a makeover for your hair, it gave my dull strands a much needed boost.

In a matter of weeks, Nourage’s new formula improved my hair’s elasticity and health. With Nourage my hair became more pliable: my baby hairs didn’t break during scalp massages and my Afro seemingly had more volume.

Full disclosure: I incorporated Nourage into my vitamin cocktail, modifying my usual line up for 30 days. I substituted taking two Applied Nutrition tablets per day with three Nourage caplets and removed the B complex pill.

Is keratin the cure to hair loss?
Women make up 40 percent of loss sufferers in America, according to American Hair Loss Association. Numerous scientific studies have proven keratin, the active ingredient in Nourage, decreases hair loss.

According to Los Angeles based dermatologist Scott Rackett MD, the structure of keratin is made of long fiber filaments called keratinocytes that helps it protect hair.

“This is what accounts for the toughness that we see especially in hair and nails, and allows our skin to be an effective, protective body covering,” said Rackett, who also revealed Nourage helps improve skin and nail health.

“Hair is composed of 97 percent of keratin,” explained Rackett. “In hair, the living cells have died, but the keratin is left over. When applied to the skin or hair, keratin does not get absorbed. It just sits on the top of the skin and nails. Taking keratin supplements internally ensures that it gets absorbed by the body when it may lead to improvements in hair, skin and nails.”

Amino acids, cysteine and more for healthy hair
Nourage’s new formula is a concoction of vitamins that increase strength, elasticity and moisture in hair, nail and skin. It includes biotin, different types of B vitamin, copper, zinc and antioxidants.
It’s also loaded with amino acids, the building blocks of protein.

“Keratin is made up of many amino acids that exist–in fact, 18 of the 21 essential amino acids are in keratin,” said Rackett. “But the most important one is the sulfur-containing amino acid cysteine.”

Rackett said cysteine found in keratin contains disulfide bridges, a bond that acts like an armor giving hair additional strength. The bridges form bonds between cysteine molecules along the hair strands, making your hair resilient against split ends and breakage.

Rackett warned weakened disulfide bonds due to constant hair coloring or perms can lead to fragile strands.

Studies show decline in hair loss
Participants taking Nourage in a trial study reported a reduction of hair loss by 30 percent, with an improvement in strength by 12 percent in a matter of 90 days. Results also included: reduced nail breakage in 87 percent of subjects and increased skin elasticity by 16 percent. 80 percent of women said they had an overall appearance of smooth skin.

A similar study done with oral keratin supplements was held at the University of Pavia in Italy resulted in similar findings. 75 percent of subjects noted they had shinier hair while 30 percent noted a decrease in hair loss. 30 percent of participants said their skin moisture increased and 12 percent reported an improvement in hair strength.

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Posted on: November 3, 2014