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What We’re Buying: Jaime King’s Meaningful Tattoo

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Have you bought anything you loved lately? In the PEOPLE StyleWatch offices, the answer to that question is usually “Yes.” This week, we’re sharing our absolute can’t miss picks in our gallery, What We’re Loving Right Now – as well as actress Jaime King’s heartfelt tattoo.

Jaime King, Hart of Dixie star and Nouráge Hair Vitamins ambassador: The thing I most recently bought was a tattoo. From Mark Mahoney, which was like my dream come true – he’s probably the world’s best tattoo artist. People fly all over the world, and there’s like a 10-year waiting list even if he takes you. Every day I said my dream was to get a tattoo from Mark Mahoney. I’ve been saying it for months and months and months. So when I wrapped my show, I just had this feeling, “I’m going to go to the tattoo shop. I really want to go by there … I just want to see it. I just want to experience it.” And he was there! At one o’clock! And he’s never there. He’s never there during the day and only there after 10. And he doesn’t take appointments. So I was like, “Can I please meet Mark Mahoney?” And he came down and was like, “How is your baby?” He like knew everything about me, and it was so crazy because it was meant to be!

This thing is very, very special to me because I wanted to get a tattoo symbolizing the birth of my son and everything that we went through, which I just did a whole profile with PEOPLE about. So, this is the thing that I bought that means the most to me.

It has a lot of meaning to it. It says “Knight” on the blade because his name is James Knight with a “K.” (People think Knight’s his middle name, but it’s not.) It’s got the heart, representing the trinity of the three of us, and the praying hands – we prayed to conceive him because I have endometriosis and it took many years to conceive – and that he came from the heavens. And the idea of the sword; if you look up [the] meaning of swords, obviously every night carried one, but it’s also like to cut through any illusions and any spiritual truth. So it’s something that carries a lot of meaning to me – more meaning than I could possibly buy at Barney’s.

Jaime King is on the show Hart of Dixie , and she is also a brand ambassador forNouráge Hair Vitamins, which benefits Locks of Love. She also recently helped Carmen Steffens launch its Las Vegas store. Keep up with her on Instagram and Twitter.

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Posted on: December 9, 2014
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