The Definitive Guide To Winter Hair Products |

The Definitive Guide To Winter Hair Products

By Aly Walansky,

The winter season is a harsh time for hair. It dries it out and leaves most hair flat, lifeless and brittle. Allow us to present The Definitive Guide to Winter Hair Products. Not only will you find winter hair care tips from renowned hair experts here, but you’ll also find a wealth of specific product recommendations, guaranteed to keep your tresses in tip-top shape over the dreary winter months. Happy reading!

“I always like to share not only product tips with my clients during the winter months, but also ideas on winterized eating. Just as the hot days of summer make us naturally want to eat lighter meals, the winter has the opposite effect on the human body – for good reason. The body is trying to prepare itself for the cold winter months ahead, and eating the right foods during the winter months will help your scalp and hair remain vibrant and healthy no matter what cold, dry temps Mother Nature throws at you,” says Jonathan Elkhouri, Master Stylist and Owner of Salon Khouri located in Fairfax, VA.


Nourage, a one of a kind hair vitamin, has launched a brand new formulation that includes Biotin, B vitamins, copper, zinc and antioxidants that boost hair and nail strength and shine. Nourage increases skin elasticity by 16 percent and skin moisture by over 30 percent and also improves nail strength, elasticity, color and moisture. Can you say winter-perfect product?

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Posted on: December 19, 2014
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