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Ageist Beauty Quick Pick: Nouráge


Over the years, I have followed a predictable cycle of growing my hair long, growing bored and then cutting it. People were always aghast when I would tell them that I was planning to cut off 9-10 inches of my hair. However, for me it was no big deal. I needed a change and knew that it would grow back quickly. In fact, a few friends used to compare me to a Crissy doll. Remember her? You would just pull her hair and it would “grow”. As I age, I have definitely noticed that my hair takes longer to grow and is much thinner. I used to have an insane amount of hair. While I am still told I have thick hair, it is easily 40% thinner than when I was a teenager.

I recently started taking Nouráge, a dietary supplement that nourishes hair, nails and skin. Different from Biotin supplements, Nouráge is a blend of keratin, minerals and vitamins. The proprietary blend of keratin contained in Nouráge allows the proteins to remain intact during digestion and absorption. Combined with a mix of super nutrient vitamin C, B vitamins (including Biotin which promotes the thickening and elasticity of hair, zinc, copper and antioxidants. Even though I have only been taking the supplement for a month, I have already noticed that my hair looks healthier, has less breakage and appears to be growing more quickly. I also have noticed that since starting Nouráge, I have not had any instances of alopecia that I periodically have.

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Posted on: January 7, 2015