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What’s in Your Water?

Sick of coconut water? Try artichoke, birch, and these others instead

By Maridel Reyes, March 2, 2015, Bloomberg.com

Following the success of bottled coconut, plant-based beverages fight to become this year’s “it” hydrator.

Caliwater Wild Prickly Pear Water
$34.99 for 12 cartons; drinkcaliwater.com

Each box blends cactus fruit puree (for flavor) with powdered cactus extract (for nutrients). The resulting pink nectar has an earthy, berrylike flavor that may be recognizable from some Mexican dishes.

Healthy? For thousands of years, desert communities have ingested prickly pear for nutrition; some say it wards off diabetes. Antioxidants found in the fruit may ease hangovers.

Make it yourself: Boil cactus pieces for three minutes, then cut into smaller pieces. Cover with fresh water, boil for a few more minutes, then strain and cool until cold.

Posted on: March 6, 2015
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