Beat Stress with This Simple Tennis-Ball Trick |

Beat Stress with This Simple Tennis-Ball Trick

Yahoo Health Editors, May 27, 2015

Your feet make up the base of your body, which means that every twinge and tightness you feel in your toes, heels, and arches radiates up through your body, causing major problems. Tension you hold in your feet can trigger pain in your legs, lower back, even your neck and head.

Prevent that pain – and chronic problems – with this simple tension-relieving trick from alignment expert Lauren Roxburgh.

Lauren Roxburgh is one of the country’s premier fitness experts. Dubbed the “Body Whisperer” by her loyal celebrity client following, Lauren is a structural integration practitioner (fascia expert), has a degree in nutrition and exercise science, and certifications in Pilates and pre- and post-natal yoga. Lauren’s secret weapon is the foam roller, and she can’t live or train without it!

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Posted on: May 28, 2015
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