Shel Pink on the Relaunch of |

Shel Pink on the Relaunch of

Originally Published: Modern Salon, July 9, 2015
Author: Anne Moratto
Shel Pink
Shel Pink, the founder of SpaRitual nail, skin and bodycare, has re-launched the Slow Beauty Blog,,  to feature a monthly Slow Beauty story. This month’s story features Ayurveda specialist Andrea Emmerich.

“The purpose of the Slow Beauty Blog is to present colorful and engaging content and guidance on how to develop and live a Slow Beauty lifestyle as a daily practice,” Pink says. “My hope is that the Slow Beauty movement, philosophy and the blog platform enjoin all of us to live wisely and creatively.  My hope is that we will have a global dialogue about the big ideas of this movement to uncover a deeper understanding of inner beauty, and identify the paths women are blazing to build bridges between our inner world and external reality, as well as discover insights to develop our collective matriarchal vision for ourselves, our families and the world.”

MODERN SALON asked Pink to share some more details about this relaunch:

MS:   What did you learn from the first launch that informed how you approached the relaunch?

SP: I learned that I needed to really simplify the message.  This time around we have a super clean, modern look with pops of color.

MS:   What did you want to adjust and refine in this relaunch?

SP: I really wanted to slow it down in terms of content and aesthetics.

MS: It might seem, initially, like a disconnect but technology is helping people practice yoga and mindfulness on the go, allowing them to search out hiking trails, support groups, etc. How is technology informing ‘Slow Beauty’?

SP: I use technology to do a majority of my research.  Technology is fantastic as long as it’s used in moderation- like anything else in life.

MS:  Can you share some future contributors and/or plans for content?

SP: Right now we are taking it slow.  We will be collaborating with people who share our ideals and values.

MS:  What challenges in your life have been helped or eased by adhering to a ‘Slow Beauty’ philosophy?

SP: My Slow Beauty practice has really helped me reduce stress and anxiety in my life.  It’s helped me to cultivate more joy, happiness and connection to the people I love.


Posted on: July 12, 2015