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Walnut ‘Meat’ Tacos with Sun Dried Tomato Spread

Yoga star Kathryn Budig is known for her ability to make yoga accessible and playful through her teaching and writings, but her skills extend beyond the mat — all the way to the kitchen with nutrient-packed recipes that energize and nourish. Below, she shares her recipe for healthy veggie tacos.

I was recently getting my lashes done with the amazing Daniella Allen out of Charleston, SC. I basically lay there for an hour or so with my eyes closed, so we have ample time to talk about anything ranging from family life, travel, to recipes. She was going on and on about this amazing meatless taco meat made out of walnuts. I took notes on her approach and went home to experiment.

I’ve gotta say, I was truly impressed with the results! It basically tastes like awesome taco/chili meat. The next step was finding the perfect pairings to make a kick-ass taco (my next project is making walnut meatballs and/or bolognese). I wanted a hearty base (thus the sun dried tomatoes), a good pinch of green (fresh raw spinach), a feeling of cheese without the cheese (bring on the nutritional yeast), and something bright to top it off (fresh herbs and limes to the rescue).

This recipe is a piece of cake, and if you don’t tell your company they’re meatless, I would be surprised if they’d even notice. Enjoy!!

For the full recipe, click through to Yahoo! Health.

Originally Published: Yahoo! Health, July 28, 2015
Author: Kathryn Budig
Link: https://www.yahoo.com/health/walnut-meat-tacos-with-sun-dried-tomato-spread-125194153077.html

Posted on: July 28, 2015