Nail Tips, Tricks and Trends for the Cold-Weather Months |

Nail Tips, Tricks and Trends for the Cold-Weather Months

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Date: August 20, 2015

Author: Jamie Newman

Just because customers are hibernating from the beach and slipping their feet back into close-toed shoes for autumn and winter doesn’t mean they won’t be making trips to the salon. In fact, these seasons call for new colors and techniques of all their own, and the nail industry leaders that we talked to know that. Here they share their expertise that has led them to the top of the professional beauty industry, so you too can reap the benefits of smart nail know-how in the coming months.

What touches and tweaks can a manicurist do to make a nail service extra special?
“Every client needs something, and why not offer them that extra special experience to address that need?” says Shel Pink, SpaRitual & Slow BeautyFounder. “At SpaRitual we offer four unique “States of Slow Beauty” to address a wide variety of needs. Whether it is healing and rejuvenating, settling and restoring, energizing and warming or calming and soothing, each “state” offers a unique scent and massage technique to address your client’s needs. The quality of the products are important as well. Tweak and elevate your service by offering your clients products that are healthier for them, the environment and also for the manicurist. Manicurists are the ones most exposed to the products because they work with them day in and day out. Choose products that are 5-free for nail lacquers and treatments, and for body, contain a high percentage of certified organic ingredients.”

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Posted on: August 21, 2015