In December, I found a beautiful, sweet and all around amazing dog in my alley…she had fly strikes on her ears, fleas, and looked like she had been on the streets for weeks…she was SO dirty. But SO sweet. We got her cleaned up (she was extremely dirty), took her to the vet, had her chipped and I posted on Craig’s List to see if anyone would claim her. We called her Lilly.

My dear friend Betsy (who helps me with all of my Dog Rescue 911 moments, of which there are many) jumped in and helped find a wonderful foster in Hancock Park. “Lilly” felt right at home… she was extremely well-behaved, was happy to be safe, clean and warm, and was making herself comfortable (she would jump on the bed at night and it seemed like that’s where she was used to sleeping). 10 days after I found her, her owner’s sister found my post and reached out… turns out that her name is FOXY and she lives on a street next to mine that backs up to the same alley. She had escaped.

When I realized which home it was, I was devastated. She and her brother BABY live on a small patch of concrete with very little human attention or affection. I drive by this house multiple times a day and since I returned Foxy to her home, I’m always looking to see if she’s there. I often see Baby just lazing around on the stairs, waiting for someone to come out but it rarely happens.

In April, once again I was driving down my alley and Foxy was running again… I couldn’t believe it. What are the chances that the two times she escaped happened to coincide with my timing. Meant to be. I brought her home again and once again asked why she wasn’t wearing a collar. The situation seemed hopeless but I didn’t think there was anything I could do.

Until I received a letter in April… The letter was from the owner… she has asked for help finding a new home where they can have a better life. For a variety of reasons they can’t properly care for the dogs and she knows that the current situation isn’t fair to them.

I’m happy that we now can take action. I’m looking for a new home for both Foxy and Baby and, in the meantime, a foster to get them out of their current circumstances would be a huge help.

The dogs are seniors. Foxy is 9, Baby is 12. They seem healthy other than the surface issues (Baby has a flea allergy which has caused skin irritation and patchy fur). They’re very chill and would do great somewhere that allows some outdoor, some indoor time. Most importantly, somewhere with LOVE.

I’m committed to helping them find safety, attention and happiness for their next phase of life and would so appreciate your help making this happen.The sooner we can get them to a new home, the better.

Please spread the word and/or let me know if you’d consider fostering or adopting these two wonderful dogs.

Thank you so much in advance.

xx, Amy

Posted on: September 28, 2016