From the Founder, January 2017 |

From the Founder, January 2017


Happy New Year!

I have mixed feelings about resolutions because typically, I have a bunch of them and think about them often (usually with guilt because I’m not sticking to them).

This year, I have one. It’s to clear space.

Clearing space is certainly literal. I have been crazily cleaning out my house for the past few weeks and it’s amazing how much better I feel with less stuff. And, being able to see/know where things are. Basic, I know. But it truly makes a difference in how I feel. The process itself is cathartic and even addictive.

More importantly, clearing space is an emotional exercise. This year, I’m thinking carefully about the choices I’m making. Choices of people to spend time with, which clients are the best fit for us and healthiest/best relationships, who to date! I’m spending more time at home with Bernard (always a good idea). And, since I’ve always been a hyper-planner, I’m trying to schedule less, leaving more open space in my calendar.

The ultimate goal of the clearing, literal or emotional, is to clear out things that aren’t serving me to open up room for greatness and magic.

This space clearing process has just begun, but so far, so good.

Two things to check out on this front…

Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, is one of my favorites. She talks about how each and every item, no matter how big or small, should elicit joy. If it doesn’t, it’s time to thank it for its service and pass it along to someone else (for whom it will bring joy!)

And, the documentary Minimalism, is all about a true, less is more, approach to life. A friend mentioned it to me last week and I watched it that night. So glad.

Wishing you a magical 2017 filled with things and people that bring you joy!





Posted on: January 9, 2017