From the Founder, April 2017 |

From the Founder, April 2017

A couple of weeks have passed since my very favorite trade show of the year, Expo West.

We were there with several of our clients and the show is always a great reunion of everyone in the business and anyone that’s passionate about natural products. Everyone knows that I can’t get enough of Expo West (that may sound a little over the top for a trade show, but it’s true).

It was our eighth Expo West with Pure Bar and the wonderful Veronica Bosgraaf – it’s amazing to think about how much has happened since we started working with Veronica. We’re so proud of that relationship and everything that we’ve accomplished together. And through all of it, Veronica remains one of the nicest, most genuine people I know. I have enormous respect for her and she deserves all of the good things that have come her way and more!

Here are a few of my favorite finds (the full list would be way too long):

  1. Skinny Dipped almonds – a combination of two of my favorite things (chocolate and almonds), these are absolutely delicious and a perfect snack at any hour (or every hour!)
  2. Loved the branding and booth of Chameleon Cold Brew – I may not drink caffeine but I was tempted!
  3. We’re crazy about Teaonic Teas – love the product concept, the branding and the taste.
  4. Delicious organic hummus at Hope Hummus – tons of pulse products everywhere you looked…
  5. The Beyond Meat burgers were ridiculously delicious – a total In ‘N Out experience but meatless. Loved the concept and mmmmm.
  6. Kombucha Dog –they have adoptable dogs on each bottle of kombucha…what a great concept!
  7. Moon Valley Organics – the products are fantastic, love the branding, and the founder is incredibly nice.
  8. Moments before the show closed, I happened upon CACOCO and tasted the most delicious chocolate concoction – water-based – the ultimate treat. Thank goodness!

In general, we saw lots of broth, collagen, mushroom products (none compare to Four Sigmatic, of course), pulse products, functional products (and packaging descriptions), turmeric remains hot, rose infusions, and new forms of ghee.

We left Expo West feeling more fired up than ever about natural foods and all of the exciting innovations and ideas. Already counting down until next year!


Posted on: April 3, 2017