Eat Like A Kid |

Eat Like A Kid

Leah Garrad-Cole’s new cookbook, It All Begins With Food: From Baby’s First Foods to Wholesome Family Meals, got us thinking about how runners, like children, tend to gravitate toward foods that are easy to digest. Think bananas, bagels and granola bars. We even regularly consume what is arguably “baby food”-consider those smoothies with puréed fruits and vegetables. Perhaps you have prevented dehydration with Pedialyte? For mother runners, if you can get you and your family on the same recipe page, life gets easier. To that end, we present a handful of dishes and tips from Garrad-Cole, the founder of the healthy snack company Love Child Organics, with useful information about what’s worked for her family. We’ve also include a list of products you can buy-inspired by what kids like to eat-that will please and fuel all of your loved ones.

Kid-Tested, Runner-Approved
These child-friendly foods are great for fueling workouts too!

Peas: The frozen ones may be a go-to favorite to help teething pain as well as to cool down hot runners, but we also like them dried. World Peas has a line of flavorful options.

Dried fruit: Whether in chunks or strips, as a snack or mixed into a meal, the vitamins and fiber and sweetness are palate pleasing. Check out the new Sunkist TrueFruit Clusters.

Source: Women’s Running Magazine

Posted on: April 20, 2017
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