From the Founder, May 2017 |

From the Founder, May 2017

Several weeks ago, I saw a homeless man holding a sign: “MAKE AMERICA KIND AGAIN” it said. Couldn’t be more appropriate or necessary for the times we’re in.

When I returned from India, I had a deep craving to make a meaningful impact on individuals. Yes, all of the protesting and activism is important…very important. What’s also important is how we engage with the people around us and recognizing that little acts of kindness go a long way. Thoughtfulness, unexpected kindness, small acts of generosity bring much-needed smiles during these trying times (or really any times!) Check out Humanwire to donate food/clothing to refugees in need. Here’s a family I’ve sent food and clothing to (just an example). So amazing to be able to help.

I recently watched the new Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why. There’s tons of discussion about this show due to the provocative and thought-provoking and somewhat controversial content. It’s about a teenage girl who kills herself and leaves tapes behind telling the stories of the 13 reasons why she ultimately took her own life. I thought the show was brilliant, powerful and extremely important. I respect the debates about whether or not it’s safe for teenagers to see such a graphic suicide. Regardless, the show brings to light so many of the challenges that many of today’s teenagers are facing – bullying, social media pressures (and more bullying), lack of true communication and a fast, thoughtless way of engaging with others.

To me, one of the most important messages from the show is how important it is to be conscious in our interactions with others, approach everyone with compassion and understanding, and treat those around us with kindness and love. It’s so easy to be dismissive, thoughtless, rushed… reckless in the way we deal with people. With all of the challenging things going on in the world, it’s more important than ever to slow down and think about the little moments, conversations, interactions… and how those little moments can become big, important ones. We have the power to make those moments of kindness and generosity.

Check out the Love Button Global Movement, another amazing organization working to foster loving acts of kindness.

Wishing all of you a happy, healthy and productive May!





Posted on: May 16, 2017