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S&Co Team Shares Favorite Frozen Snacks To Beat The Summer Heat

As summer approaches, the S&Co team has been snacking on some delectable frozen treats. We are excited to share our favorite summer essentials that you will want to add to your shopping list, or make in your kitchen! Read below to see some of the ways we stay cool during the day.

Jessica Hofmann

Even though these are basically sugar water, my favorite frozen snack to cool down during the summer is freeze pops. I don’t eat them often because they aren’t great for you, but nothing takes me back to my childhood quicker than a good ol’ freeze pop. They always bring back memories of spending endless hours in my friend’s pool or out on an adventure with the neighborhood kids. #nostalgic

Kelsey Kearns

All summer long I crave smoothies! They’re a great treat to bring to the beach or to cool you down after a sweaty workout. I LOVE berries – not only nutritious, but also delicious! Kimberly Snyder’s Berry Burst Antioxidant Smoothie is one of my new favorites! I am also addicted to the new SAMBAZON Acai Frozen Bites – the perfect treat when you need a little something sweet.

Denege Prudhomme

My favorite frozen summer treat is Japanese Strawberry Mochi. There is an amazing Japanese market in Venice that makes the best homemade mochi ice cream. I also heard that Whole Foods is opening mochi bars around the country and can’t wait to try them here in LA!

Sadie Ruben

After taking over Stanton & Company’s social media channels, I have encountered numerous nutritionists and bloggers who create delicious snacks. One of my favorite recipes so far is banana ice cream, and guess what? You only need one ingredient: bananas! You just freeze a couple of bananas and throw them in a food processor. Voila! You have a creamy and gooey ice cream.

Posted on: May 31, 2017