Hurley Women’s Quick Dry Swimsuit Featured In SELF’s Top Swimsuits of 2017 |

Hurley Women’s Quick Dry Swimsuit Featured In SELF’s Top Swimsuits of 2017

Summertime is coming at us full steam ahead, which means it’s time to find your new favorite suit. If you love getting active at the beach like I do, though, it can be tricky to find one that perfectly melds function and fashion.

Whether it’s body surfing, beach volleyball, or even attempting to surf (with the help of professional), I need a suit that’s going to stay on the whole day. Sitting by the pool is great, but being able to move in my swimsuit without flashing the world is also very important to me. Some of those flimsy straps and bandeaus—while adorable—tend to only work for lounging or a leisurely walk down the beach. Over the years, I’ve found it really hard to find suits made for serious activity that are also actually cute.

Before you dive into the selections, you should know that the problem I normally have with suits is that the straps seem to always slide off in the water. Since I don’t need much support up top, I tend to get stuck with slimmer straps and a lack of underwire—hence the suit’s tendency to pop off. But every person’s body is different, and the type of suit that works for me could be totally wrong for you. If you don’t find a suit that’s right for you among my picks, our beauty editor Jessica Cruel put together a great collection of suits for all body types here. And my editor, who is a certified personal trainer and a size 12 (as in: she’s also super active and can relate to the problem of suit migration), recommends as a good place to find a huge selection swimwear in larger sizes. You do you!

Recently, I’ve been on a mission to find some awesome, sturdy swimsuits that I actually want to wear both lounging on a beach towel and during a body-surfing competition with my brother.

Hurley Quick Dry Stripe, $65

Hurley redesigned all of its swimsuits and worked with athletes who live in theirs. If these suits can survive surfing competitions, they definitely can survive my amateur beach volleyball game.

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Posted on: June 15, 2017