From the Founder, July 2017 |

From the Founder, July 2017

Happy July!

I’m currently on vacation and urge all of you to plan one right now if you don’t have one in the books.

Nothing better for refreshing the body, mind and spirit.

Here a few of my go-to vacation tips that I use whenever I’m on or planning a trip:

Enjoy the planning process! For many of us, the experience of traveling is pleasurable and positive. Turns out that the planning process itself can result in the biggest happiness boost, so make the most of it.

No matter where you are, be fully there. Many of us have to work on vacation. Since S&Co is my business, inevitably I’m on email frequently… multiple times a day. It’s a luxury to be able to travel so I don’t mind a bit of work (and sometimes depending on what’s happening, more than a bit!). That said, what makes it all worthwhile is being fully present for most of the time. Exploring, connecting with the people you’re with, meeting the locals, noticing the details of your vacation destination… that’s what makes a vacation most special, memorable and meaningful (and put away the phone!).

Eat and drink what you want. We aren’t on vacation often enough, so when we are, I think it’s OK to splurge and not worry about maintaining the typical diet or regimen. Plus, when you’re more relaxed, your system is working better (e.g., digestion) so that helps too and typically you can indulge and still feel good.

Go for a run! I always like to go for morning runs, even on vacation… it allows me to explore the destination and feel great. Especially if you’re traveling somewhere with beautiful beaches or parks, you can cover a lot more ground on a run.

Read and write. I travel with a journal so I can write about my experiences and capture special moments. When I’m away/out of my element, I’m generally more creative. Reading is the ultimate relaxation for me. I always pack a few books (typically more than I can actually read). For this vacation I brought: The Hidden Life of Trees (amazing!), The Magus (since I’m going to Greece) and Women Who Run with the Wolves (always a good refresher!).

Take lots of pics. One of my favorite parts of travel is looking at the photos after the fact and reliving the experience over and over. We shouldn’t underestimate how much joy this can bring us!

Wishing you all a happy summer!



Posted on: June 28, 2017
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