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S&Co Interns Back-To-School Guide

Now that it is August, we are facing the reality that we must return to school soon. That means less free time to grab an acai bowl, or go to our favorite spin class. With more stress, some may find it difficult to keep up the healthy habits from summer.

However, just because your schedule has become more hectic doesn’t mean you can’t still practice healthy habits! Here are some tips to stay happy & healthy during the school year.

“I always bring healthy snacks to the library with me. I am definitely a stress eater and my brain stops functioning when I get hungry, so it is very important that I have fruit or snack bars with me whenever I need to focus. Also, I make sure to break up my study sessions with a quick workout. It wakes me up and alleviates stress!” – Maddie, Villanova University

“Over the school year I really try my best to stay healthy by working out as many days as I can (mostly at CorePower, Yoga or Soul Cycle) and eating nutritious meals as well as snacking throughout the day on healthy bars so I don’t overeat. That being said, I sometimes let myself cheat and eat something sweet, especially when I am studying for a test to keep my body happy. Library snacks are also very important to help me stay focused!” – Hana, The George Washington University

“I stay healthy at school by trying to be active, whether that’s going to the gym, a workout class off campus, or just walking to class. For me, being active is really important for both my physical and mental health. Whenever I get anxious from school or life, I know it’s time to put on my shoes and go for a run.” – Mikaela, Washington University in St. Louis

“During the year, I try to stay healthy mainly through dancing! Beyond that, I try to walk as opposed to taking the subway as much as I can!” – Deanna, New York University

Other general tips to stay healthy this semester include:

  • Get enough sleep! Sleep is vital for brain function. It is recommended that college kids get around 7-9 hours of sleep per night, which most students achieve. Even if you can’t get the full 7-9 hours at one time, maybe try afternoon naps! Just make sure it is not too close to bedtime or too long, as it may do your body more harm than good.
  • Eat healthy, most of the time. A healthy diet practices balance and moderation, so if you want to eat pizza and candy while watching a movie with your friends, go for it but don’t make it a daily habit.
  • Make exercise a priority. College students are super busy and it’s hard to designate time for the gym with so many other things going on. Not only is exercise is good for your body but is a great stress-reliever.
  • Learn how to manage your stress. Whether it be going to a gym class, taking a walk, or calling you mom, find out what helps you calm down the best. That way you can move on and focus on what needs to get done without feeling anxious.
Posted on: July 17, 2017