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Easy Back To School Snack Hacks

Here in Kentucky, the middle of July signals more than just oppressive heat. School supplies start to replace drool worth patio furniture, fresh notebooks full of blank pages signal the hope that come with a new school year.

And the dreaded packing of lunch.

I went to culinary school, I have intimate knowledge of creating fantastic meals. But I despise packing lunches. So much so that I have made a deal with my kids that I will make sure there are appropriate foods in the pantry for them.

BUT, they have to pack their lunches themselves, minus the sandwich, I help them with that, if they need it.

Last year was a bit of an organizational disaster, because our pantry, much to my chagrin is about the size of a shoebox. Add in 2 elementary age kids, and any organization that it thought about having, is out the window.

How I keep snacks organized

Enter a plastic over the door shoe holder. Like this one for less than $10 on Amazon.

I am able to ditch the clutter in my pantry and keep all of the snacky type items organized and in visible, for kids packing lunches AND easier to make a grocery list.

Easy Back to School Snack Hacks

To jump start your school snack repertoire, I thought that I would list the items that I have ready to go for my kids (and let’s be honest, my husband and myself).

Easy Back to School Snacks:

Pure Organic:

This brand offers a wide variety of snacks that my kids gobble down quickly. Their favorite are the fruit and veggie strips, and I don’t worry about the ingredients that are in them. The fruit and nut bars are a great snack for my kids to grab on their way out the door to sports practices.

Sunkist Fruit Lover’s Trail Mix

So this snack has morphed less into a snack for the kids but more for my husband. He enjoys eating trail mix while he waits for the kids in car rider line. This trail mix satisfies his sweet tooth and provides fuel to help him get over the mid afternoon slump.

So tell us: What snacks do you keep on hand to make lunch packing easier? Do you have a method to keeping things more organized?

Easy Back to School Snack Hacks

Source: familyvacationsus.com

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Posted on: August 4, 2017