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Flash Guru: Kimberly Snyder

Who: Celebrity nutritionist, founder of L.A.-based brand Glow Bio, and creator of the recently released 30-Day Roadmap for Healthy Weight Loss ($147; kimberlysnyder.com).

Go-to move: “I’m a yogi, and I love Warrior II. It sets me up to feel focused and strong for the day.”

Weekend plans: “While my husband surfs, I go on barefoot beach walks—it’s called ‘earthing.’ Research shows that there are great anti-inflammatory benefits to it.”

Habit for humanity: “I meditate every morning and evening. It’s important to do it consistently so stress doesn’t build up in your body and mind.”

Meal prep: “For dinner, I love one-pot recipes like kitchari, an Ayurvedic stew that’s made with seasonal vegetables, red lentils, brown rice, and lots of spices, like turmeric. I just throw everything in and cook!”

Source: Marie Claire September 2017 Print Issue

Posted on: August 22, 2017