Attention, Parents: These “Bad” Childhood Habits Are Actually Healthy |

Attention, Parents: These “Bad” Childhood Habits Are Actually Healthy

Not sharing

Sure, sharing means caring, but that doesn’t mean it’s always the answer. “Some toys are yours,” says Pedram Shojai, author of The Urban Monk and host of The Urban Monkpodcast. “It’s good to feel safe in knowing your possessions belong to you. You don’t have to share but can do so if you choose. This helps establish boundaries and build true kindness.” Of course if your child refuses to share anything, that’s a sign he might be a bully.


Sharing food

Flipping it over to the parent side, one thing you should do is share food with your kids. “A little germ swap keeps us healthy and having a varied diet helps them from being sensitive, picky eaters in the future,” explains Shojai. It’s important to expose children to a wide variety of healthy foods from an early age. Find out even more solutions for getting picky eaters to eat.

Mismatching clothes

There will be plenty of time to fight about appropriate clothing choices in the future! Let kids be kids and develop their own style and identity. “Kids want to express themselves and find their place in the world. Their attire can be their canvas for this,” says Shojai. As long as they’re fully clothed and wearing something that’s weather- and location-appropriate, move on from this childhood habit. Here are more ways to put an end to all those dressing battles.

Rough play

Parents always want to rescue their children (ask anyone who has tried to sleep train…), but it’s OK to sometimes let them work things out on their own when their fighting with their playmates or struggling to stack Legos. “They will find their natural place in the tribe and test their strength and boundaries naturally; when we dote and micromanage, all the drama starts,” says Shojai. Speaking of, you seriously need to stop giving your kids these compliments.

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Posted on: August 23, 2017