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S&Co Team Shares Favorite Long Weekend Workouts

As you may know, S&Co employees live a very healthy lifestyle. On long weekends, like Labor Day, we enjoy being outside, going to our favorite workout classes and picking up (or blending) our favorite green smoothies and juices! Living in Los Angeles, we feel lucky that we have so many healthy food options and activities to choose from. Read below for what our favorite workout classes are in LA.

Nicole Callas

Nothing indoors! I can’t stand to be inside on a long weekend – I go stir crazy. Since I spend most of my time working indoors, I like do anything and everything outdoors where there’s fresh air like run on the beach or hike in the mountains. If I indulged too much that weekend, I may squeeze in a gym workout, if I absolutely have to. 😉

Kara Froula

I like to go on hikes. 😊

Jessica Hofmann

Whenever the long weekend comes around, my favorite way to get my sweat on is to dance to some live music! I absolutely love going to music festivals and concerts and the calories burned from busting a move all day/night long are a nice added bonus. Luckily, most of the beaches in LA have free summer concert series, so that has been an awesome way to get some sunshine, be near the water and take in some music all at the same time. Great for the mind, body and soul!

Kelsey Kearns

My favorite go-to work out on a long weekend is a cycle class, specifically SoulCycle or Cycle House. During the week I stick with yoga and beach runs, so the weekend I step it up a bit more with a fun cycle class! On Mondays, Sadie and I go to Danielle’s class at Love Yoga, which never fails to be the best.

Denege Prudhomme

Typically on long weekends, I like to go home and spend time in Louisiana. When I’m home, my mom and I like to go on long bike rides or we’ll take the kayaks out on the bayou – but you have to watch out for them gators! After, we like to go home and watch some college football and cook out on the patio with my dad.

Sadie Ruben

This question is a hard one for me since I’m always switching up my weekend workouts! My favorites are all in West Hollywood: Cycle House (Nichelle and Aaron are AMAZING instructors!), Barry’s Bootcamp and Playlist Yoga. If I’m feeling extra motivated, I’ll do a yoga class and walk across the street for Cycle House. I always like to end that combo with Beaming or Alfred’s Coffee.

Jody Sowa

My weekend workouts, especially if I’m traveling for a long weekend are usually outside. A run on the beach, along bike ride, or if I’m lucky it will include paddle boarding or something fun on the water! And if all else fails, a long walk is always great!

Posted on: August 31, 2017