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S&Co Shares Favorite Childhood Halloween Costumes

From witches to TV personalities to everything in between, it is always fun to see what the S&Co team dresses up as for Halloween. In celebration of one our favorite holidays, we have rounded up vintage photos of the team’s most memorable Halloween costumes. You definitely do not want to miss this adorable edition of Behind the Scenes!

Amy Stanton 

Like with most of my outfits, I’m sure my mom picked this one out and I went with it. I’m relieved to see that Molly and I weren’t twins (believe it or not, my mom had matching outfits for us, even at this age!) In hindsight, this is a pretty cute bumble bee costume!

Denege Prudhomme

One of my favorite Halloween memories is when I was five. My elementary school held a carnival in our gym and my mom handmade my brother and I matching costumes of M&M bags. Still to this day, it was one of my favorite costumes and I was so lucky to have a mom who was so creative and loved us so much that she would make our costumes!

Jessica Hofmann

My favorite Halloween costume from when I was younger was definitely when I was Cookie Monster! I remember my mom used to always make our Halloween costumes and I’m not sure how she pulled this one together but she definitely did it! I also remember being super warm that Halloween, which is always a plus. I used to LOVE Sesame Street and Cookie Monster specifically. If you look close enough, you can even see me thinking about cookies while I posed for this picture.

Kara Froula

No clowning around without my favorite Cabbage Patch doll…in matching costume…naturally. 😊

Kelsey Kearns 

Every Halloween growing up all the neighborhood dads would take the kids trick or treating around the neighborhood. I remember I would fill my pillowcase with so much candy I couldn’t even carry the bag. This year I was a hippie and I remember loving my bell bottoms and accessories!

Nicole Callas

My mom loved to dress me up with intense makeup – I loved it too – the more lipstick and eye shadow the better! Glam bride was one of my favorite costumes as a kid.

Sadie Ruben 

My mom made these embarrassing cutouts of all of my Halloween costumes until I was about 10 years old. Nonetheless, they are great memories of my childhood! My go-to dress-up attire was anything Disney princess.






Posted on: October 2, 2017