From the Founder, November 2017 |

From the Founder, November 2017


Happy November!

This past weekend was SummitLA – the first ever urban experience from the amazing Summit team. 3,500 of us across several hotels and dozens of unique and inspiring experiences throughout downtown LA. I always walk away from Summit events feeling lighter, more open and introspective. If there’s one key takeaway, it’s that we should walk through life smiling at and engaging with all people, not just those we already know and are comfortable with. We truly all are connected in some way and have commonalities that may not be obvious to the naked eye. I need to be reminded of this regularly because it’s so easy to fall back to old patterns of walking with your head down, hurrying from one thing to the next, and sticking with our circles of friends. I am feeling the magic of more eye contact, less technology, more curiosity and an open heart. And I highly recommend it.

In case you want to check out some of the folks that were the highlight of my experience, here are a few:

Brené Brown

Marianne Williamson

Dr. Dean Ornish

Brian Grazer

Marie Kondo

Wim Hof

Juan Enriquez

Aja Monet


And of course, goat yoga!



Posted on: November 8, 2017