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S&Co Team Shares Favorite Ways To Give Back

Jessica Hofmann

There are so many purposeful ways to give back during the holiday season that doesn’t have to involve donating money! I love to volunteer and there are plenty of opportunities, especially around the holidays. You can go to your local soup kitchen or homeless shelter to serve food to needy families or get involved with a local charity that you are passionate about. Another way to brighten someone’s day is to complete Random Acts of Kindness. It can literally be as easy as complimenting a stranger, holding the door for them or writing a sweet or uplifting note and leaving it on someone’s car.

Kelsey Kearns

Every holiday season I get tags from the giving tree at my church and get toys for young kids. It is so fun going to the store and picking them out a few things knowing how happy it will make them!

Denege Prudhomme 

One way that I’m giving back during this holiday season is donating items to Iashia Nelson and her three sons who lost everything during Hurricane Harvey. I heard their heartbreaking story on Good Morning America and knew I had to do something for them, so I connected with Iashia on social media and am now sending gifts to them the week of December 11!

If you are interested in donating or buying anything for this family, please reply to the newsletter. For the most part, they need clothes and supplies (blankets, etc.) as they are sleeping on the floor in an apartment with two other families.

Here’s a little more information on what items would be appreciated:

Son (4 years old): clothes (5T and size 11.5 kids shoe). Loves Paw Patrol, fire trucks, Batman and Hot Wheels.

Sons (15 and 16 years old): clothes (10.5 and 9.5 shoe). Loves Saints and Giants (especially Odell Beckham Jr.)

Iashia: She would love a purse, some lotion and perfume.

Sadie Ruben

I always write handwritten cards to people who have positively impacted my life during the year and include a small gift of appreciation. It brings smiles to people’s faces since they are often not expecting it. 🙂

Posted on: November 27, 2017